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This is a community created list of all those that have completed all 11 National Scenic Trails.

If you know of someone who is not on this list or know of someone that is currently going after this goal, please direct them to our Registration or email us at so we can reach out.

Click on each name to go to their stats profile.

*This is a community compiled list, so by no means do we claim to have everyone that has either completed or is currently in the hunt for all 11 NSTs, we only can provide profiles that we know about and that have submitted a Registration. 

Once submitted each profile will have its own landing page for the hiker filled with their unique stats/data/ and any other information they wish to share.

It is an ever growing list, so please let us know of anyone that you do not see listed here on the Completion Page or On the Hunt Page that should be. 

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