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  • Appalachian Trail - 2016, Northbound, 6 Months 6 days

  • Pacific Crest Trail - 2017, Flip-Flop, 5 Months 4 days

  • Continental Divide Trail - 2018, Northbound, 4 Months 5 days

  • Pacific Northwest Trail - 2019, Westbound, 52 Days

  • Ice Age Trail - 2019, Eastbound, 37 Days

  • Arizona Trail - 2019, Southbound, 38 Days

  • Natchez Trace Trail - 2020, Northbound, 14 Days

  • Florida Trail - 2021, Northbound, 41 Days

  • Potomac Heritage Trail - 2021, Northbound, 14 Days

  • New England Trail - 2021, Northbound, 8 Days

  • North Country Trail - 2021, Westbound, 187 Days

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Brief Bio

"Hiking became a passion of mine back in 2016, with my first thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. By the time I finished that hike on Mt. Katahdin, my knees were broken, and while I absolutely loved the adventure, journey, and community, I honestly believed I was done hiking. I was fulfilled in ways I never expected and was ready to tackle "life". A week later however  after being off trail I began planning my PCT hike for the following year. That was it, I was hooked in ways I could never have foreseen. It became hiking, year after year, and somewhere along the way it became a life, a life of trail, for trail, about trail, around trail, on trail and off trail. In the past 6 years I have introduced myself more as "Constantine" than Ryan, amazing how "just a walk" became so much more."

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