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The Moment

Moment by moment a life is molded, shaped, and created. By the moments that are chosen and the moments that are not. By the moments that reverberate with clarity years afterwards, and the moments that are hazy and seen with static as the mind tries to remember. By moments shared with others, shared with family, shared with loved ones, shared with friends, shared with community. By moments that shift the trajectory of a life, by moments that are "inconsequential" until thousands create a tangible change, by moments that are blinked away to never be recalled. Moments are what create a life, what are you doing with yours?


Once again we find ourselves on the prairies of thought.

Wide open vast expanses to navigate, a singular thought becomes tangible, becomes our shelter.


We have been reminiscing a lot lately on the concept of a moment. Life on trail and off has given us the opportunity, privilege, and curse some would call it, to take stock of the commonplace, the mundane, the very concept of undoubtable building blocks that create a life. Moments are the very crux of what forms a life, what forms a person, what forms our future from our past. The longer we get lost in this matrix and maze of thought, the longer we realize every moment is a conscious choice, even the ones that fleet by without concept or knowledge of thought. Even that in itself is a subconscious choice, a moment defined by the lack of choice, which in itself creates a choice. If we shall remain burdened with the knowledge that every thought, lack of thought, moment we live, shall be a part of our own creation, we shall look for meaning within.

The longer we remain imprisoned in this spiral of thought, the heavier it becomes. It weighs upon our mind with emotions and feelings that become quite tangibly real, quite literally dense and heavy as if a literal weight was pulling us down. It is a depressing thought but also incredibly freeing at the same time. It elicits joy coupled with deep sadness. It brings about hope as we begin to despair. It evokes love coupled with pain. It calls upon our heart when we need our mind. How can we possibly understand and harness the power of a moment, when we like to believe we are the creators of our own destiny but at the same time remain shackled to the flow of time.

The only solace we find the longer and further we dive into this thought, is we have no control over the concept of a moment. The broad term of a moment, is not underneath our power to change, create, nor harness. Yes, we can compile moments together to create a certain outcome, but the power of a solitary fleeting moment is to quick and to swift for us to be conscious without being so consumed by the moment, each moment, that we never truly live in the moment. If you read that sentence again, it will make sense, what it means is you can try to live so consumed in the second, that you will never be in the moment. It seems like a constantly losing battle, so what can we do?


Life and thought once again reverts to its origin.

A doughnut.

Circular, sweet, and a moment on the lips, forever on the hips.


Well, we do have power and choice in the micro, the mindset, the baseline with which we operate. If we know ourselves, respect our values, live simply and live wholesomely, we no longer have to carry the burden of having to chose every singular moment. We can take peace in knowing that the moment, no matter what moment, we find ourselves in we can look back proud of whatever decision we made. Look back without regret or doubt, and instead let our internal compass drive us forward. By no means are we saying we have not made mistakes in our life, nor that our values and morals are bulletproof. We are human, our choices can be riddled with error, yet what we are trying to say, is if we believe in who we are, and what we represent, that we can live life in the moment without being in the second. We can trust that the moments that are created for us and by us will lead us forward and not back. We can embody the moment and be present.

It is a very paradoxical thought we can alleviate but never fully understand. To be in the moment, requires thought. Yet to be consumed by thought is to not be in the moment. We have no answers. We have only more questions. The very questions that take us out of the moment, are the very questions that cannot be answered to contain us within the moment. The very concept of a moment is too fleeting to understand, but to harness it and live within it, it requires understanding. Our brain does loops finding what we perceive to be a conclusion, when it is only the beginning of another riddle.

Why did we write this? Did we learn anything or answer anything new for ourselves, for you? Was this very activity not a conscious effort to be in the moment, but the very act of writing about being in the moment took it away? We don't know. What we do know, is our mind hurts, the loops are never ending, and we need to let go of this thought. Maybe, that is the answer, by letting go, we can succeed in being. Just being.


Just be.

Eat a hot dog.

Throw some ketchup and mustard on it.

Embody the linear shape and let us all break from this circular thought!

Eat a hot dog.


Yet, now the question is, can we let go? The loop continues, now just with a new question.

With Turmoil of Thought,




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