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Where Are You?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

The question of where are you, is a common occurrence in our life. Whether that be friends, family, clients, new acquaintances through our various online outlets it seems this thread of thought commonly arises. It is a question that we have been able to answer quite simply and easily with our physical location, because 99% of the time, this is the polite response as this is the type of answer most people seek. The polite response to a few seconds of conversation instead of trying to define the philosophical thought of where we currently are intangibly. Where are we emotionally? Where are we mindfully? Where are we within our relationships? Where are we when our physical body remains in one place and our mind is far far away?


Our pack may be resting now...

Soon we shall heed the arrow, picking it up, and continuing forward.


Where are we? Well, currently we are sitting behind an old pine desk, that our partner's grandparents handcrafted years ago. As our gaze drifts above the computer that rests upon this table, and our fingers continue their steady crawl across the keyboard, we look at the wall in front of us. Soon, this wall will take upon a new look, as we soon will be installing a butcherblock countertop underneath our windows, to open up our space. As our mind once again drifts through this momentary thought, our gaze continues to consume the physical surroundings in which we find ourselves in. A vase, or more accurately a make-shift vase from a tacky "I am Canadian" glass drinking boot we found at a thrift store, holds an array of beautiful flowers that are slowly starting to wilt from Valentine's Day. Our coffee mug from the movie "Elf" screams at us "son of a nutcracker!" as Will Ferrell exclaims surprised as we take a sip of multi-hour old coffee. Our work board that holds our schedule broken into each day of the week, is smudged, with marker and eraser marks, color coded to different days, and reminds us even as we are writing what other obligations we need to complete today.

Our gaze shifts outwards now, towards the ice and snow piles we see directly outside of our window. The snow that has fallen months ago remain, fluctuating in size, but never disappearing completely. A constant reminder of the far north winter we have found ourselves in. Our gaze drifts upwards to the neighbor's house that we have "semi-adopted" their dog named Kiah. She is not currently outside doing her rounds, but soon we shall see her silhouette pass in front of our window, knowing she is coming to claim our front porch as her own for a few hours. Upwards our gaze continues until we are looking at the horizon dotted with beautiful mountain peaks. We feel a tad embarrassed and guilty that we have not had the opportunity nor time to stand upon the top of them, viewing our valley, and our winter home from above. Then our gaze crests above the mountains and all we see is a blue beautiful light sky tempting us with the promise of warmth, that we know from our previous outings today is in fact a lie. The temperature remains in the negatives, but yet as we continue to look at the sky, our hopes continue to override our knowledge, and we once again are tempted to put on a t-shirt and get some wonderful sun upon our exposed wintery white skin.