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The First, the Second, The Third.......

Our first blog post. What do you cover in a blog when there is so much information right at everyone's fingertips? Well first off, we want to thank everyone for all the love and support as our company and community has continued to grow this past month. The support around our first production run has been amazing.


As our first two styles of shorts, the Orion and the Midnight Line have been produced we are happy to have received nothing but positive reviews! Building this company we had product tested on 4,000+ miles of all different terrain, whether that was rain forests, deserts, high-alpine mountains, snow fields, road walks, bushwhacks, anything and everything that could be thrown at our gear, we did. The quality and the durability withstood all, and we are proud to be able to continue to offer reliable, simple, and affordable gear that will not need to be replaced for years to come!

We have also recently finished our production run on the ElevenSkys Sunset and ElevenSkys Night hats. If you wish to show off your support with a stylish cap to compliment each of those miles achieved underneath your feet, these will be available for order in our store, shortly.


So, with the updates out of the way.... back to the question, what does a first blog post look like? What does a second? What does the third? Well, as a company we want to be able to provide you with not only information about ourselves as we continue to grow, but we want to be able to provide you with up-to-date information on what all of us are passionate about: the outdoors. So, we are going to be committed to you, our community, to release (2-3) blog posts a week, on Wednesday (today), Saturdays, and one on Mondays! This way you will have a smile to start off your week each Monday, a laugh to get you over hump days on Wednesday, and a article to unwind with on the weekends each Saturday. While some of these posts may be about what we are doing as a company we do not want to solely focus on ourselves because there is so much more astounding events happening all the time in the outdoor community. We also want to make sure to bring you relevant content about the outdoor industry and the massive amounts of interesting ideas, hikes, trails, people, thoughts, and general ramblings of other wanderers and outdoor enthusiasts.

I guess that is what a first blog post is about? Not a fully content driven post but a post around what content to expect? That is interesting in itself that content around content is content? Should we also touch on the content about content being content is content? Oh, how we have found ourselves in a question that can be chewed through for many miles yet to come. This is one of those mind-benders that you can hike all day and think about but still be left questioning and unfulfilled by the time you reach camp. Or is that un-fulfillment actually fulfillment when you start to find peace and thoughtfulness in each step? These questions are starting to dangerously lead to a thought vortex that can only be solved (or unsolved!) with miles.... Well, there we have it, I guess we have also found our first general ramblings of an outdoor enthusiast.

Now that the content part of describing content is out of the way, let us update you on some "real" content.

A current update on one of the trails that defined us and we love so much; the PCT. It is a sobering thought to think that concurrently with everything that is going on this year that already deterred many thru-hiking hopefuls on this trail (ourselves included) now this. That now much of the PCT in California, Oregon and Washington is under extreme smoke and fire danger. This is an extremely sensitive and painful experience directly for all involved, the communities destroyed, the displacement of families, the extreme losses both physically and mentally, and the health risks associated with prolonged smoke inhalation just to name a few. Our hearts go out to all that have been impacted by this.

We want to do our part and make sure that we help educate with this situation to make sure to minimize the already tightly stretched resources of the firefighters, first-responders, and all life saving personal that put themselves on the front lines to continue to try and stem this hurt. We have included a link to the closures that are currently in place on the PCT that you will find below:


Please stay updated and safe if currently on or thinking of visiting the PCT.

We also want to say to the trail itself, to the PCT, please stay safe. So many have found hope, inspiration, love, accomplishment, wonder, and happiness within your embrace that we hope to see a recovered, stronger, and healthier PCT in the years to come!

Now on a lighter note (or heavier note):


You may ask yourself, am I looking at a large racoon stuck in a trash can?!?! The simple answer is....yes, but if you take a closer look you will see that this photo is actually one of our thru-hiking buddies that just recently finished a month long trail system. They had been home a few days, continued to eat like a thru-hiker, and got stuck trying to walk out their front door. Thru-hiking is all fun and games until off trail you can no longer eat the way you want too and subsequently no longer fit through your own home's entrance.

Well there you have it, a little bit of what we wish to be able to bring you each week, a taste of what we as a company are currently doing, current trail conditions and/or updates around an outdoor community, and a quick laugh to wrap it all up. I guess you could say by the end of this first blog post we covered content around content but also content within content that was around content..... oh no it is starting again......

Thank you for continuing to let us be a part of your journey and in turn you being a part of ours!

Go out and #shareyoursky!




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