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Sunrise and Sunset Hats NOW AVAILABLE!

Here comes fall, and here comes the new ElevenSkys Hats! We are happy to be able to announce, finally due to production and shipping times being constantly changed, that our hats are now available in our Store!

ElevenSkys can now cover two parts of the hiking body! We have you covered on the bottom half and now we also have your head covered, literally and figuratively. No matter what sky you are under, you can now represent ElevenSkys with the cap you wear. The full collection is now available! Whether you wish to represent your inner Northbounder passion of hiking in the bubble, represent your Southbounder pride going against the pack, represent your Eastbounder love as you make your way towards beautiful foliage, or represent your Westbounder heart as you walk towards the Pacific, we have you covered. The full collection is now available, you can either go to our store to look through or click the link and picture below:


On top of the full collection of hiking direction and style hats now available, we also now have available our Sunrise and Sunset Hats! We have been showing photos of our hats out in the wild, as they weathered the gusts on top of the Beaufort Range and as they collected sand and rays of sun along the North Coast Trail. Even as they imitated a rescue dummy on the turbulent shores of the coastline.


We get it ElevenSkys Sunset Hat, you want more adventures!


Whether you are going after some extra miles as the sun is setting, hiking well into the night with only the stars for company, or waking up early to get an extra jump start on the day, our hats will go with you. Look out across the landscape at a viewpoint of your choosing, as the sun is high in the sky, knowing our visor will protect your eyes. We even imbued our hats with a little extra of the sky itself to lift you up and give you that extra lightness in each step to go further, see more. (Figuratively Of Course) We tried to weave the light strands from the sky into each hat, and it turned into quite the spectacle! If you count the stars on the Sunset Hat you may notice that we were not able to get more than 10,000 stars due to each handling of the star being extremely sensitive and having to come to a comprise with the sky, to include the amount we did. We went into negotiations with the stars, so you do not have to! They are here now to make your journey lighter, faster, stronger. While we had to comprise with the sky itself to bring you these products, never will our hats comprise themselves when you are experiencing your unique sky.

Well ElevenSkys, if you did all of that to bring us the Sunset Hat, what could you possibly have done to bring us the Sunrise Hat?!?! What did you negotiate with the sky for this product to become possible? Well, since you asked, we will give you a little bit of the backstory. To harness the power of all the colors of the sky, we had to go into talks with the Sky and the Sun. The sky and us were able to harness the power and share the power with you of the night-sky with a mutual comprise but the daytime sky brings into another player to the party. The Sun! The life giving Sun! When playing the power game of the sky, the Sun is a huge player. We had to petition the Sun on its schedule, as it created the colors you see in the hat.

The Sky itself gave us the introduction and the opening. As you can see on the crown of the hat, there is a little bit of blue that shines through. This was their parting gift to us, as they threw us into the arena with the Sun. They knew we had some trials and tribulations ahead of us, and thus gave this piece of themselves to us freely, without debate. The Sky was bestowing upon us the lightness and freedom, that can be only found within its embrace. The blue upon the hat will always remain a symbol of friendship and love of the open Sky, and give each person that wears the hat, the ever-growing sense of wonder, ease, and lightness that we ourselves had found before the Sky gave us to the power of the Sun.


With the lightness in our heart from the Sky, to our meeting with the Sun, our hat is here!


To imbue the hat with the power of the the Orange Haze, we had to embrace the heat and embrace the raw power of the sun as it baked in its final glow of the day. The sun had us stand exposed to its full power to see if we could handle it in all its glory. We are proud to say we did, but coming out of that test we are not the same as when we went into it. Our skin still cackles with extra energy and excess heat to this day. When the Orange Haze sets each night the light inside our body screams and struggles outward to reach its creator, the Sun. Do not worry though we acted as a conductor for the Orange Haze and only filtered the energy giving light into the hat, we will continue to hold onto the unstable light as it always reaches for its home. The band of orange upon this hat, will continue to give its wearer the sense of warmth and energy underneath any sky!

To imbue the hat with the deep shades of purple, we had to camp at the very top of a mountain as the clouds rolled turbulent throughout the sky, and the sun protested and waged a war against them, for all of its light to come through and awash the Earth in its splendor. As the war waged on fragments of the power of the rain, clouds, and water that were blocking the sun, cascaded down upon us. Our body was racked with heaving sobs as our entire body was flooded with water. The only thing that kept us going was the "gift" from the Sun that we see now was meant for this next test. By giving us the unstable energy and heat from the Orange Haze it prepared us for this clashing of the titans. Without this heat, we would have succumbed to the torrential downpour of water that would have transformed our body into a puddle that would still be on top of that mountain to this day. Instead we let the moisture flow through our bodies as the blood in our veins do, and ultimately guided it into the crown of our head, where the hat was nestled. The next layer was complete. The turbulence and cascading walls of water were filtered out into us, and only the life-giving and refreshing sustenance every one needs was put into the hat. Tackle any desert now as this hat will continue to nourish you with each step.

All that was left was the middle layer. We had our base, we had our crown, we had our heat and energy. We had our life-giving moisture and nourishment but there was something that was missing. We had no idea what, but the Sun knew exactly what was needed next. This would prove to be our hardest test yet. The ever expanding Red of the sky. When the Sun told us that the test was done, we were puzzled. We took off the hat and looked upon its face and saw what they said was true. It was hued with a red shade. But, we had not gone through anything? We had not waged any war against the factions of the battling sky, we had not had to dig down into ourselves as the elements fought to overwhelm us, we had come out of this unscathed. Hesitant we petitioned the Sun to make sure we understood them properly. What test had they given us, what let us deserve to imbue the red shade upon our hat?

The red they told us represents change. Change in the Sky, change in the Sun, change in the world. They told us to look around ourselves, and upon this realization we began to understood what they meant. We humans have a partnership and an understanding with the Sun and this world, but something needs to change, we need to change. The events that continue to shape this world show us this, every single day. We have to be the change. A change so not only us, but the Sun, the Sky, the world itself, we can all continue to co-exist.

The reason this test would prove to be the hardest is because it is never-ending. There is something wonderful and something scary about non-stop change. Yet, to be able to harness this power we will be tested everyday. Change by definition is continuous. To be able to proudly bestow this upon our hat, we have to continue to be the change. We understood this, we harnessed this, we realized how big of a gift this was. The middle layer, the red imbued color upon the hat reminds us everyday to continue to find change in ourselves and the world, to make it so we can find the harmonized balance that the Sun in all its power asked of us. We hope to not disappoint.


Harness the power of the Sun, the Sky, the World, TODAY!


So, there you go the origin stories of our ElevenSkys Hats! Quick disclaimer, some of the story may have been very slightly exaggerated upon the way.....

In all seriousness though we are proud to be able to offer you the New ElevenSkys Hats. We hope that you find the power within them that we do. The power to be yourself. The power to tackle any challenge in front of you. The power to look upon any sky and see potential. The power to continue to change and grow with the world around us. Simply, the power that all of us have in each of us, the hat is just an extra representation and physical conduit of this intangible power we all have. The power to be happy.


Go out and find your sky, with one of our new hats!




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