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"Regularly Scheduled Programming"

Writing this transition is as difficult (if not more so) than the transition we are currently going through. The transition back to "regular" after almost an entire year of "irregularity."

We had many ideas on how to begin this paragraph, this post. We began by talking about the steps across the country we have taken for the past 9+ months, but those were quickly swept away by our delete bar. As they have already been swept away and forgotten by the land, deleted as if they too never had existed.

It was too fleeting, too momentary, too forgotten, too foreign. An impossible task to quantify what 34,861,200 feet feel like, impossible to define what 13,205,000 steps taste like. Impossible to describe in the millions of steps the billions of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that were exponential in every second, and continue to this very word entered upon our keyboard to reproduce and grow at a magnitude that numbers can no longer quantify.


Beginning at the top left: Florida Trail Southern Terminus & FT Northern Terminus

Potomac Heritage Trail ST & PHT Northern Terminus

New England Trail ST & NET Northern Terminus

North Country Trail Eastern Terminus & North Country Trail Western Terminus.


No matter how we try to describe this, we will always fall incredibly short and inadequate. Thus, as we begin this transition we are left at a loss for words, a loss of sense in description, a loss inside an absence of totality, simply we are at a loss.