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Off Trail Podcast

Year after year, trail after trail, we have been living a life that revolves around hiking. 6+ years and over 20,000 miles later, our founder kept asking himself the same recurring questions, but heard no reply. No reply from the hiking world, no reply from the outdoors community, no reply save his own internal voice. Yet, there had to be others out there, that had these same thoughts, these same questions. There had to be others that could share in what it means to live a life "on trail" and build that dream into a reality by being "off trail."


Our new podcast, Off Trail, give it a listen today!


We wanted to hear the voices, hear the stories, hear the triumphs and failures that let others continue to chase this life of wanderlust. Too many times have we listened to a podcast and heard the stories of the trail, which are epic and amazing, but at the end we were left wondering, how?? How did this hiker, climber, ultra-runner, outdoor athlete fuel their adventures? How could they continue to find the drive? Why did they continue to seek new adventures? We knew what they did, but now we wanted to know how and why they did it.

If no one else was going to answer these questions, our troubled mind could not rest until we found a solution. So, that is exactly what we did. We created the show, the questions, the platform for others to share their stories. A platform that focuses on the how and the why, not necessarily the what.

Off Trail is now live on a few platforms and will be branched out to the remaining platforms where you get your podcasts in the next few days. Off Trail is a new podcast that dives past the hiking stories, past the achievements, past the quantifications of what a person may have done, and goes to the heart of how and why they continue to pursue this unique life. A special podcast that removes the curtain of who the person is outside of their achievements. Yes, it being a outdoor podcast hosted by outdoor lovers themselves, there may be some rambles and stories shared about "on trail" time, but the essence of what we hope to unpack is the "off trail."