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Off Trail Podcast

Year after year, trail after trail, we have been living a life that revolves around hiking. 6+ years and over 20,000 miles later, our founder kept asking himself the same recurring questions, but heard no reply. No reply from the hiking world, no reply from the outdoors community, no reply save his own internal voice. Yet, there had to be others out there, that had these same thoughts, these same questions. There had to be others that could share in what it means to live a life "on trail" and build that dream into a reality by being "off trail."


Our new podcast, Off Trail, give it a listen today!


We wanted to hear the voices, hear the stories, hear the triumphs and failures that let others continue to chase this life of wanderlust. Too many times have we listened to a podcast and heard the stories of the trail, which are epic and amazing, but at the end we were left wondering, how?? How did this hiker, climber, ultra-runner, outdoor athlete fuel their adventures? How could they continue to find the drive? Why did they continue to seek new adventures? We knew what they did, but now we wanted to know how and why they did it.

If no one else was going to answer these questions, our troubled mind could not rest until we found a solution. So, that is exactly what we did. We created the show, the questions, the platform for others to share their stories. A platform that focuses on the how and the why, not necessarily the what.

Off Trail is now live on a few platforms and will be branched out to the remaining platforms where you get your podcasts in the next few days. Off Trail is a new podcast that dives past the hiking stories, past the achievements, past the quantifications of what a person may have done, and goes to the heart of how and why they continue to pursue this unique life. A special podcast that removes the curtain of who the person is outside of their achievements. Yes, it being a outdoor podcast hosted by outdoor lovers themselves, there may be some rambles and stories shared about "on trail" time, but the essence of what we hope to unpack is the "off trail."

We all spend our time chasing after "on trail" but we never talk about the "off trail." Just as crucial and critical to be able to make living life in the outdoors happen. In fact not "just as" crucial but actually the most critical impetus that lets us live a life of wandering. Without managing time, money, physicality, and mentality while in the off-trail time, there would be no "on trail."


On Trail with the one and only Apple Pie!


We dive deep into the minds of how people make it work. The stories are as diverse and unique as the guests themselves. There is no right answer. There is no wrong answer. There are only answers that work for each individual, and even then we are all still learning and evolving to make our off trail time work the best for each one of us.

We ask the big question that for some reason has become stigmatized in the outdoors. A secret that has to be guarded with the most secure locks and keys. Just the sheer suggestion enough to make your palms sweaty and your brow furrowed. Yes, we are talking about finances. We hope to unveil the shroud around this question, and show people that it is okay to talk about money. It is okay to talk about how you manage your work. It is okay to be broke, comfortable, rich, and anywhere in between. It is just a piece, a critical piece, but still just a piece of the puzzle that makes on trail possible.

(P:S: We do still yet to have a rich guest, so if you know of anyone, please tell them to email in, would love to hear their stories. Truly, no stigma attached, just true interest in different ways of making off trail work)

We ask questions that let the guest explore the answers themselves. Questions that may have never been asked before, questions that let the interviewer, interviewee, and the audience all learn about this blessing and a curse we call the human condition all at the same time. Questions that lead to conversation, questions that lead to knowledge, questions that hopefully can shine a light on no matter the specifics, no matter the plans, no matter the criteria, everyone goes about this life differently to achieve a similar goal. A goal of spending more time on trail.

We are so excited to announce a powerhouse of our first (5) guests. Each one in their own right has a world of stories, a wealth of knowledge, and an intimate relationship with the outdoors and living life on and off trail.


On Trail in Pennsylvania


Here is a sneak peek of our first episode roster:

1. Off Trail Pilot - Who are We?

An interview with Magpie and Constantine, setting the base line for the show

2. Who is Buck-30?

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Remember the motto: Don't die or you will ruin the family"

3. Who is Apple-Pie

FAVORITE QUOTE: "...Not a lot of planning that worked out the way that I thought it would"

4. Who is Nimblewill Nomad?

FAVORITE QUOTE: " If you got to ask the question, you don't know the answer"

HONORARY MENTION QUOTE: "You are a jerk, Constantine"

5. Who is Dirtbag?


Well, you have seen the sneak peak, now why not get the full show? Listen now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

From the conversations we have already had with these amazing guests, we are so thrilled and excited to bring these episodes to you. It shows the diversity, the techniques, and the recurring themes that are found in people that revolve their life around the outdoors.

We are currently listed on Apple Podcast and Spotify, and are in the process of being approved on the other platforms. If you like the show please leave us a rating on Apple Podcasts. Subscribe and enjoy as we dive into the minds of hikers, peak baggers, climbers, ultra-runners, any and everyone that lives life on and off trail.

We wont take anymore of your time, because well the show can do better justice than our words here can, so go give it a listen! We look forward to hearing your feedback, and we hope this is interesting to you, as it is to us.

Please subscribe and share this podcast with others so we can all continue to learn about how people live a life of making their dreams their reality!

How do you live life, Off Trail?




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