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ElevenSkys Products Release!

The knees have been feeling the cold bite of the wind for too long now. The harsh sting of the sun as it crisps and crackles the skin like bacon. The dampness of another rainstorm as the bullets of water bounce off of the exposed and tender skin. The knees have had enough, we have heard their cries for too long. Every night as we nestled into bed, we have been wracked with guilt these past few months, trying to soothe them the only way we knew how. Telling them soon, soon now you will be blanketed in warmth, soon you will be swaddled in comfort, soon you will be protected as we wish we could have protected you all along. Soon, now soon. So much pain, pain of a broken promise, pain of unshakable faith, pain of the word, "soon". We could tell you more of the days that our eyes were sunken and our minds exhausted, craving just an ounce of sleep, but too terrified to confront the demons that haunted us with their persistent never-ending wail of soon. Our knees have waited too long, your knees have waited too long, to wait another moment more. So, we will wait no longer. We say it one more time, the last time, with a new brightness. "Soon" is now.

Yep, you assumed correctly, this post is in fact a product update. Oh? You are saying that is not what you had assumed? That you believed instead it was... well if you don't have a word for what it was turning out to be, we certainly don't either! Let us delay no longer over small intricacies of wordplay. ElevenSkys is proud to announce that our new product line is here! Yes, it's the product line that will soothe all wailing knees. Let us begin to find peace together.

First off, we will begin with what everyone has been waiting for, ElevenSkys Pants! We have heard the messages, the comments, and the requests over and over again for pants, and yes we have heard the wails too... the never-ending wails... suffice it to say, we have heard and we have listened. Thank you to everyone that has supported us so far as ElevenSkys has continued to grow, and thank you for all the love and support that has allowed us to provide you all with the next line in ElevenSkys wear. Soon has not been soon enough and for that we apologize, but they are here now, ElevenSkys Pants!


Let all wailing knees find comfort! Click the image above to find peace.


We are immensely proud to be able to add these to our collection of gear. The design process, as we promised you in the beginning, has stayed the same. Just like the shorts, these were designed with only the necessities, no more and no less. In fact they're based off of our shorts design, with a few upgrades that we will describe below. Our promise to you as we began this company was to create gear that changed with you, not for you. We believe we have accomplished that, quite spectacularly, with these new designs.

Let us begin our journey at the waistline, where many food journeys end. With this in mind, we increased our waist adjustability to fit everyone comfortably on both sides of the spectrum. Now with 8" of comfy elastic stretch, you can begin a hike with a Burrito Baby up top, and finish a hike with echoes of an empty stomach, and never have to worry about changing out your pants. Our pant sizes start at the small waist size of 24" and go all the way up to 46". If you are in need of any size outside of this, please message us and we will see what we can do to accommodate you. Truly, there's a size for any adventure, whether that be physical miles on foot or mental miles on the couch.

Next let us move down to the two zipper pockets along the hip, built for the important bits and pieces. Whether that is your phone, wallet, or a rock painted like Patrick from SpongeBob, travel easily knowing they are secure. If that is not enough room for you, we have added two more mid thigh pockets for easy storage. One or both would be great for a "trash pocket" just like the one on our shorts, so you can be sure to keep the natural world, well, natural. Whatever way you desire, whatever method works, you have just enough space for the necessities for your next adventure, of course snickers bars being at the top of the list.

Now let us move down to the cuffs. You will notice two adjustable ties that are built for snow, rain, mud, any type of weather that you do not want inside. Simply cinch the drawstring and keep the outside out. Have a post-hole party without the tears! These are pretty straightforward, as all our additions are. They are designed for any user, any skill level, to make the experience not only easier but more enjoyable. You do not have to be an expert on gear to use these. Simply, one leg in one hole, one leg in the other, and the rest, well, the rest is up to you.

That's it. As we said before only the necessities. No frills, no bells and whistles, only gear that is built to do a job and do it well, to be practical and durable. Get yourself a pair today, and let your knees know that it is no longer soon, but now! Now we can all find peace.


Grab yourself a pair of ElevenSkys Pants today and...

Go meditate on a mountain!

Listen, listen truly hard, and hear the sweet beauty of nothing.

No more knees wailing.


Okay, we got lost in the peace of releasing the pants, but we have much more to discuss. We have also released a new line of shorts. ElevenSkys Shorts now have a fresh look! We heard and listened to what you all wanted and are proud to announce, two new additions to our collection - The Shorter Shorts, in Open Sky and Hiker Midnight colorways. Both based off our original design, only with a little extra that you all asked for. Let us explain what this means.

Our new shorts are the same in design, same in concept, same in practicality, but we increased the longevity. Double-interlocking stitching scoured over with every pair, we made sure the only stitch out of place would be the one in your sides when catching your breath from excitement. Yes, we also went higher towards the sky. We believe that more thighs equals more skies, so we hiked up the inseam a little bit. Not high enough to let every intimate part of you see the sky, but still high enough that never again will the question of, "what can I do to possibly get a hitch-hike" cross your mind. Only a classy hitch-hike though! Sexy but classy, a blend that our founder still has yet to master.


Stay classy!

Click the picture to never have to wait on a hitch again.


Not much more to say about the shorts. You know them, you wear them, they are the rock upon which we founded ElevenSkys. The rock upon which we had even the idea for ElevenSkys. This year we are testing to see if we can get close to 8,000 miles out of one pair, and so far we could not be happier with them continuing to prove over and over again the quality that brought us to this passion in the first place, undeniable durability. This year alone, they are close to 2,000 miles strong, having traversed swamps, biting wind and rain, sweaty road walks, scrambling cliffs, and everything in between. Even though we wish we could wear those new shorter shorts, the comfort we find within our old pair is familiar and beautiful. That being said, for those who wish for longer shorts, we are still happy to announce we're continuing with the design of our first model, the Classic Shorts. We told you, we have you covered! The Classics will continue to be available in our store for any hikers who wish to keep it super classy.

If you wish to know more about either the shorts or pants, you can always read the specs and the description within their product profile or ask us any specific questions. This post is already getting quite long and we still have yet to answer the question that many of you probably have at this point. We are very excited to announce not only the release of our new product lines, but our new company policy as well. You have noticed it in the pictures of the shorts and pants, and it is exactly what it says: a Thru-Hike Guarantee!

ElevenSkys was built on the desire to bring hikers (as well as anyone in the outdoors) gear that was simple, durable, and sustainable. We believe we have done this and it made us ask ourselves a very important question - how can we continue to be better for you? You, the very people that continue to make our wild dream a reality. To show you our appreciation as we grow, as well as to show you our belief in every one of you, we have implemented a new policy at ElevenSkys. Any product of ours that has this patch (shown below) is guaranteed to endure for a full thru-hike. Spoiler Alert: It is all of our products. No matter the trail, no matter the route, no matter the in-between, we want you to know that we we will always have you covered. If for some reason our product does not last the entirety of your adventure, simply email us with a photo and the story of why you would possibly leave your pants on the fire, and we will replace them. There are not many ways that these products would fail, but if for some unforeseen circumstance they do, such as surprise acid rain, this is our promise to you. We will always hold your journey and happiness at heart. That is our heart, the heart of this company, making each and every one of your journeys on trail, off trail, in-between, the happiest it can possibly be, and every day we will strive to better ourselves and be worthy of the love and support that you continue to show us.


A simple patch that encompasses what it means to be ElevenSkys.

Love and Support For All.

All we can continue to say is: Thank You


Well, that was very mellow post for us. It started off weird as we tend to do, but then became almost purely bland and straightforward facts without thousands of weirder metaphors, which we are not known to do at all. Yet, it seemed appropriate, you can only make so many jokes about gear until it takes away from the message. Quite honestly too, we are immensely proud and happy to be able to provide you all with these new additions to ElevenSkys and did not wish to take away from it with our rambling mind. The shorts, the pants, the patch, the promise, it all adds to our journey together. It's a journey that you have chosen to take with us, and one that we are deeply humbled by everyday, one we can never thank you enough for. Yes, ElevenSkys is a gear company, and we will continue to make gear. We will continue to grow and branch into other realms of apparel and products. We will continue to do what a business does, grow and create. Create gear, create content, create videos, create books, create podcasts (hint), create and grow. Yes, ElevenSkys is a company and it has all of these factors and more, yet at its heart it feels much deeper. It feels like a community, it feels like a friend speaking to another, it feels like a family. It feels like inspiration, it feels like joy, it feels like passion in everyday. That is what YOU have created. Thank you.




P:S: Our website has recently gotten a face lift to make it easier to navigate for everyone as well as new content added.

If you have not already checked it out, begin on our Home Page, and explore!


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