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What is in Our Pack?

Our Base Gear that we build off of each hike. Each hike demands little tweaks, but this is our go to gear. Learned through 16,000+ miles thru-hiked and continuing to better and better!

 "Big 3"


(Old Backpack for AT and PCT) Very good Beginner Backpack

Clothes Bag


* Not exact design



* Prototype product tested 2020, currently in production

x2 for emergency splint, bandage, padding, etc...

Food Bag

*Not our exact cooking pot, our exact cooking pot is an old pot found in a hiker box 5+ years ago... but this is what we will use once we can bear to pull ourselves away from our lovable cooking pot

*Any company that uses IsoPro Blend in 8 Oz. Canisters, does not have to be MSR

*Again, any company that makes plastic bags. Used for trash, consolidating food, spices, etc. Also use various sizes not just gallon.

Still our Go-To Diners. Varying recipes, varying enjoyment! 5+ years and counting, still not sick yet!

bars (1).jpg

Electronics/ Misc. Bag

*Only Carry (1)

*Only Carry the Filter Itself. With (1) Extra 0 Ring

*Only Carry 5-10 pills for EMERGENCY USE ONLY! Rarely take more than 2-3 a year

*Only carry amount needed for upcoming section. Ex: 2 days, 3 days, 5 days, 10 days etc...

*Our exact wallet. If ever seen on trail please call us, we are out in the cold extremely worried without our lunch money!

*Always carry an extra 1-2 in case

MISC. Continued

*This is our BASE Gear. Depending on each hike and each trail, we may vary these items by carrying less or carrying more. Sometimes we do not even carry cook systems, sometimes a different sleeping bag, and even sometimes NO PANTS NO PROBLEM!

We build around these items for each hike, and let the trail decide what is needed. 

* LAST but certainly not least, Duct Tape! That Sh*t will fix everything! We carry it around our trekking poles and have used it as bandages, splints, repairs, anything! Most important item!

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