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Naked Sky - Earth

Naked Sky - Earth


Want a sturdy, durable, and simple piece of gear that performs heavy duty but feels instead like a cool breeze? 


In our opinion, the more unobstructed the sky, the more beautiful it is. That is exactly what we incorporated into our new product line called "Naked Sky."


So lightweight and breathable that you will probably have to look down and check a few times to make sure you are actually wearing pants. For all those that want to bear it all yet be discreet at the same time. Lighter weight fabric with our same classic design, for all those ultralight aficionados, semi-light mile steppers, and heavy pack luxury campers. Anyway you chose to experience the sky we have you covered, and just as importantly have you "unobstructed" from chasing and living your own sky. 


The Earth colors were inspired by the Earth itself. As you walk, run, hike, bike, wander, and wonder underneath the very skies that give you inspiration don't forget to look down as well and see the inspiration in the very ground upon which you travel.  

Small 24"-32"

Inseam: 30"



Inseam: 32"



Inseam: 33"

Extra Large


Inseam: 34"

If in between waist sizes, always size up. 

New fit, same great quality. Our upgraded elastic belt has an astonishing 8" of wiggle room in the waist, making these truly the last pair of pants you need. Our pants are designed to change as you change - whether you lose 10 pounds while hiking or gain back twenty when you get home, you'll be ready for every adventure from the mountains to the couch.

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