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Life in Pursuit: Hiking the 11 National Scenic Trails

Life in Pursuit: Hiking the 11 National Scenic Trails

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The first book written about all the National Scenic Trails from the perspective of a thru-hiker! Come join us as we metaphorically take a walk into what it means to live a life in pursuit. 


A single footstep becomes two. A single mile becomes thousands. A single trail becomes many. A single goal becomes a life. A life becomes a home.

Ryan Bunting became the youngest person to thru-hike all 11 National Scenic Trails of the United States at the age of 27. In less than six years he hiked over 18,000 miles through wilderness, through roads, and through trails bound in their finite ending to embrace the infinite.

The Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, the Pacific Northwest Trail, the Ice Age Trail, the Arizona Trail, the Florida Trail, the Natchez Trace Trail, the Potomac Heritage Trail, the New England Trail, and the behemoth of them all the North Country Trail make up the National Scenic Trails.

Life in Pursuit becomes less about the physical activity of hiking and becomes a look into a life of obsession. The trials and obstacles of a life lived for the pursuit of the next trail. Stories, moments, and challenges of each hike are told through the lens of a perception that changes into a reality.

The trail has an end point, the mind does not. When the trail ends the person continues to change. A trail is the physical manifestation of a journey. This book is the emotional manifestation of the endless journey of life, the endless journey of a life in pursuit.

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