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ElevenSkys - Sunset

ElevenSkys - Sunset


The Sunrise was beautiful, majestic, awe inspiring... but what about those that love or prefer the Sunset just as much? Well, we now have you covered! With our ElevenSkys Sunset Shorts you can now step off the miles deep into the night as the glow of the sun ebs below the horizon. The deep orange and red that create the magical glow of the evening are now reflected in our active wear. A deep blaze orange to stay safe in any hunting areas lets you stand out as you enjoy nature, one step at a time. 

Small 24"-32"

Inseam: 5"



Inseam: 5.25"



Inseam: 5.5"

Extra Large


Inseam: 5.75"

New fit, same great quality. Our upgraded elastic belt has an astonishing 8" of wiggle room in the waist, making these truly the last pair of shorts you need. Our shorts are designed to change as you change - whether you lose 10 pounds while hiking or gain back twenty when you get home, you'll be ready for every adventure from the mountains to the couch.

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