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The Classic Shorts - Midnight

The Classic Shorts - Midnight


There's nothing like the beauty of the Milky Way under a desert sky. Inspired by night-hiking in Arizona, these shorts keep the colors simple so you can shine. Made with our original ultra-durable quick-dry fabric, the Classic Shorts feature a 6”-7” inseam for log-hopping, bush-whacking, mile-crushing utility. 


The smart storage system that started it all: two hip pockets and a zippered mesh catch-all on the thigh. We like to call it the trash pocket, but you can put whatever you want in there. Gummy bears? Small rocks? It's totally up to you. Our shorts are constructed with double interlocked stitching on all seams, so they'll stand up to the toughest conditions. Adjustable belts with elastic make sure they keep fitting well, even as you lose weight on trail. Guaranteed chafe-free for 4,000 miles and counting.

*Limited Quantity 

Kids Shorts are available! 

Thru Hiker Skinny <28
Small 28-30
Medium 30-34
Large 34-40

Our marked waist sizes fall within standard measurements. Here's the difference - these shorts were built to change as you change! Our Classic elastic belt has 2"- 4" of wiggle room in the waist, keeping your shorts nice and snug as you lose weight on trail. If you fall between sizes, we recommend sizing down to ensure a good fit from trailhead to terminus.

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