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ElevenSkys - Legend

ElevenSkys - Legend


Do you know a "Legend"?

Have you seen a "Legend"?

Are you a "Legend"?


We are happy to announce our collaboration with the "Legend" himself for this LIMITED EDITION production. "Legend" as you know him, or Jeff Garmire, and ElevenSkys decided to come together and see what happens when you put multiple long distance hikers in the same creative space. At first we thought...well lets see if we can put two hikers on the moon and see what trail they could create... okay that was too legendary... at least for now. So, we tabled that idea, for possibly another day, and instead set our sights on creating a piece of gear that anyone can use. If you are a Legend, if you are on your way to being Legendary, or your Legend has just begun, these shorts will go with you along as you create your own Legend.

Small 24"-32"

Inseam: 5"



Inseam: 5.25"



Inseam: 5.5"

Extra Large


Inseam: 5.75"

New fit, same great quality. Our upgraded elastic belt has an astonishing 8" of wiggle room in the waist, making these truly the last pair of shorts you need. Our shorts are designed to change as you change - whether you lose 10 pounds while hiking or gain back twenty when you get home, you'll be ready for every adventure from the mountains to the couch.

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