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The Pants - Hiker Midnight

The Pants - Hiker Midnight


A new twist on an old favourite - we took our classic Midnight shorts and turned them into pants! For those who stay up past 9pm, these pants will keep on hiking even as the stars come out. Our new and improved design offers the quickest of quick-dry fabric, ultra-durable stitching, and an upgraded adjustable belt with literally 8" of stretch for any adventure. 


Just like the shorts you know and love, our pants have all the practical features you need and nothing you don’t.


Zippered Hip Pockets: Never lose your important essentials, like your phone, wallet, or half-melted snickers bar. Our deep, durable pockets will keep your stuff secure no matter where you go! You can even fit a sandwich in there, if it’s properly squished. 


Mid-Thigh Cargo Pockets: Not enough room for all the rocks you want to carry? Well, we added two more, so carry on! The envelope-tuck design means you can stash ‘em easily, and just as easily empty them out when you realize how much rocks weigh. 


Adjustable cuffs: Ticks? Bushwhack? Post-holing for days? Keep the ice out of your shoes and the ants out of your pants with drawstring cuffs. When it’s hot, you can roll ‘em up for better airflow and show off those calves.   


Our pants are constructed with double interlocked stitching on all seams, so they'll stand up to the toughest conditions. For all those pants-lovers out there, ElevenSkys now has you covered!

Small 24"-32"

Inseam: 30"



Inseam: 32"



Inseam: 33"

Extra Large


Inseam: 34"

New fit, same great quality. Our upgraded elastic belt has an astonishing 8" of wiggle room in the waist, making these truly the last pair of pants you need. Our pants are designed to change as you change - whether you lose 10 pounds while hiking or gain back twenty when you get home, you'll be ready for every adventure from the mountains to the couch.

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