Thru-Hike Guarantee!

What Does This Mean?

Where can you find this patch, and which of our products have them?


(Hint, it’s all of them)


When you see this patch on our website, it means no worry, no stress, no-fail gear. We guarantee that each and every piece of clothing with this label will stand up to at least one complete thru-hike (and probably more!)

If for some reason you are attacked by a rabid porcupine, get into a old-timey saber duel with a pirate, walk through a blizzard of broken glass, or encounter any other extremely likely scenario on your hike, our Thru-Hike Guarantee has you covered. Honestly, those reasons are the only way we see you needing to use it, but we wanted to let you know we have you covered nonetheless!


Simply email us a photo with the story of why you fought Captain McStabby, and we will replace your gear as long as you promise not to pick any more fights with evil undead pirates.


What is Ultralight Backpacking Gear?

Ultralight Backpacking Gear simply defined is gear that is built to be light, so you can go further, climb harder, hike more trails!

ElevenSkys Gear is built with this idea in mind. Product tested with 1 pair of shorts on 4,000+ miles, we never experienced any rips, tears, or malfunction. It upheld to our standard of durability and has been our go to short ever since. Built light but durable enough to outlast any adventure.

Let us lighten your pack and your mind, by knowing our product will continue to grow with you as you become a stronger adventurer. Look back 5 years from now at the same pair of shorts, with a little extra dirt, and smile as you put them on again for the next hike!


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Everyone of us experiences the trails, rivers, mountains, outdoors in different ways. One thing that brings us all together is our love for the outdoors and the people within the outdoor community. We want our wilderness to last, we want people to find the same joy that we find outside, and we want to promote responsible and healthy relationships with our one world that we all share. You can follow us, as ElevenSkys will lead the way with showing how our products and the people we are partnered with embody our core beliefs as a company of: sustainability, durability, and simplicity. We would also love to follow you! The very people that make us so proud to be a part of this community. So please, head on over to our contact page, or follow us on one or all of our social media accounts, and #shareyoursky